Office notarial de la Manufacture

Notaires à Annecy depuis 1785

A small curriculum

The office was identified in 1785 in Annecy under Mr. Jean Baptiste LACOMBE’s ownership. Then, 17 lawyers ran the office one after another until the notarial office simultaneously welcomed two partners. From then on, it became a professional partnership that was called from that point :

Thierry TISSOT-DUPONT, Nicolas FOLLIN-ARBELET, Xavier BRUNET, Vincent Morati, Aude BOUVIER-MARTIN et Florent BILLET lawyers, associated in a professional partnership holding a notarial office

In April 2007, the notarial office moved its head office from Square Georges Volland in Annecy, on the so-called island La Manufacture, to its new head office, 11 rue du rond-point in Annecy (Cran Gevrier), right at the southern exit of Annecy.

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An average-sized legal departments office

37 members of staff, technicians, legal experts and lawyers are permently employed. The associated lawyers are managing the office, sharing their time between traditional notarial practices and various departments dealing with the office work. Please note that the office can provide its clients with professional translators.

Law master – holder of a European Community law qualification – Paris University ASSAS
Traditional notarial work – International Private Law
Law master
Traditional notarial work
Mr. Xavier BRUNET
Law master – English speaking – History of institutions PHD – Former part-time lecturer at the Jean Moulin University Lyon 3 - CFPN
Traditional Notarial Work
Mr. Vincent MORATI
Law Master - CFPN
Family Law – Patrimonial Organization – Company Transfer – International Private Law
Law Master - DSN
Traditional Notarial Work
Mr. Florent BILLET
Law Master - CFPN
Building – Promotion – Housing Development

The choice for a sustainable development

The outside area lighting is provided by sun’s radiations. The heating of water is provided by a solar water heater but the heating system and the air conditioning is on gas. Thermal insulation has been reinforced and the building concept was carefully thought in order to take avantage of the sun and the light.

Rain water is saved and kept in stock thanks to plant roofs. Trees and bushes around our old cedar decorate the free green spaces. Every winter a trough is put up the trees for the tits and any other birds in the area.

The office’s site has been carefully chosen in order to make the use of local means of transportations (2 lines at 100 m), walking and biking easy. A private car park saves you having to look for parking spaces which makes you save time and petrol and also prevents you from stressful situations. You will also find 3 parking spaces for bikes and 2 for our handicapped clients.

We daily maintain the sorting of rubbish into different types of recycling. The printers’ ink cartridges are recycled. We try to use as far recycled paper as possible in the light of the regulations about the paper quality when storing the annals.

Known as a big paper consumer type of work, we now use much less paper since 75% of the notarial documents are signed by our clients on a secured numerical device (AAE).

Fax are also send and received through numerical decices, and more and more clients are ready to receive recorded mails through a reliable and fast numerical transmission.