Office notarial de la Manufacture

Notaires à Annecy depuis 1785

Our skills

Company transfer and interdisciplinary nature of our job

Company transfers’ files of any size have been brought to the notarial office of La Manufacture since 2013. We work with our clients’ usual advisers but can also offer a joint team made of a lawyer qualified in companies and taxes, a chartered accountant, a specialist in banking engineering and an inheritance management adviser for a « full service ».

International and european law

Nowadays international cases are widespread. If some seem easy, such as the purchase of a property by a foreigner in France or by a french person abroad, others are less commun. However, thoses cases are usually the more tricky to unravel.

Family law

If the sucession is undergone and leaves little scope to organize the transfer of the goods to an heir and to reduce the death duties, all our legal and tax system is organized to promote the tranfer of goods when alive. Nevertheless, the complexity of the rules requires the help of a specialist. Your lawyer is the specialist that will help you with your thoughts.

Building law

Property selling or purchase, town planning solutions and adapted property divisions, joint ownership, even with old buildings, construction lease, etc. They are often complicated transactions but the efficiency and the deadlines will be improved if you meet with your lawyer as soon as possible.

Traditional law

Of course the traditional fields of law are at the heart of our work. Our clients expect ability to listen and skill as far as usual tax fields are concerned, but also innovative solutions that can be offered by our different departments.